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Welcome to my world, where every note played is a heartbeat shared. I’m Marie-Electra, an artist where passion for music blends with a relentless quest for innovation. My journey is a web woven of classical melodies enriched with electro touches, a symphony of the old and the new. 

From childhood, an inventive fairy endowed me with an insatiable curiosity, driving me to reinvent sounds and wrap them in my emotions. My career, marked by diversity and originality, is an invitation to discover shows where elegance meets performance, and where every moment spent together becomes an unforgettable memory.

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Beginnings and inspiration

First Notes

My musical adventure began at an early age, when three notes and three bow strokes were enough for me to reinvent my scores;

This period of my life laid the foundations for what I am today: an artist determined to fuse tradition and innovation in every melody.

Sources of inspiration

My creativity is fueled by a diverse palette of sources, from classical masters to electro pioneers. My unique style stems from this alchemy between passion, musical heritage and the constant urge to explore new horizons. Every performance is an opportunity to share this passion, to take you on a journey where music becomes a universal language.

Career path

First successes

My entry into the world of music came on the vibrant stages where I had the honor of collaborating with legends such as Barry White, Shirley Bassey, and James Brown. These early experiences not only shaped me, but also opened the doors to a world where passion and excellence guide every performance. They marked the beginning of my relentless quest to push back the boundaries of musical expression.

The advent of the electric violin

Introducing the electric violin into my shows was a decisive turning point, marking a before and after in my career. This bold choice allowed me to explore new sounds, fusing tradition and modernity. The impact of this innovation was quickly felt, propelling me onto international stages and enabling me to reach a wider and more diverse audience. The electric violin has become my signature, an extension of my artistic soul, setting me apart in the vast world of music.

Milestone Projects

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with artists and creators who have profoundly influenced my vision of music. These collaborations have not only enriched my repertoire, they have also broadened my musical horizons, pushing me to explore new sonic territories.

Innovative Shows

My desire to innovate has also manifested itself through the conception of unique shows, such as the Luminous Dress & Violin Show. This performance, in which my violin and dress light up to the rhythm of the music, offers an unforgettable sensory experience, fusing visual beauty with sonic richness. These shows are not just concerts; they are an invitation to travel into a universe where music becomes light and movement, marking my contribution to the reinvention of live performance.

Collaboration & Innovation

Philosophy & Musical Approach

Fusion of Genres

My musical philosophy is based on the fusion of genres. I firmly believe that music knows no boundaries, and it’s this conviction that has driven me to mix classical with electro, jazz with pop, and much more. This eclectic approach allows me to explore new sound textures and offer my audience a rich and diverse aural experience.

The Art of Performance

For me, performance art is much more than a simple presentation on stage; it’s a deep communion with my audience. Every concert is an opportunity to share a part of my soul, to express my innermost emotions through my strings and my voice. I experience each performance as a unique moment, an opportunity to create unforgettable memories both for myself and for those who listen to me.

Achievements and Recognition

Awards and distinctions

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the honor of receiving several distinctions and awards that have highlighted my contribution to music. These moments of recognition, ranging from awards for musical innovation to appearances on international stages, are tangible proof of the impact of my work. These trophies, much more than objects, reflect the love and passion I devote to my art.

Impact and Legacy

The impact and legacy of my work on the world of event music exceeds my boldest expectations. Through the introduction of the electric violin into avant-garde shows and the fusion of musical genres, I am proud to have opened up new artistic horizons. My aspiration is to leave a lasting imprint, inspiring future generations to embrace innovation and pursue their passions with determination.


My uniqueness as an artist lies not only in my unique talent on the electric violin, but also in my ability to transform every event into an unforgettable experience. 

My playing combines impeccable technique with raw emotion, enabling me to reach and captivate audiences from all walks of life. What sets me apart is my diversity; I navigate easily between genres, offering a rich and varied sonic palette suited to any occasion. 

My visual show, especially with the Luminous Dress & Violin Show, adds an extra dimension to my performance, making every moment not only audibly but visually stunning. I’m committed to bringing originality, passion, and professionalism to every performance, making me a go-to choice for those looking to deliver a truly memorable experience.

Beyond Music

Commitments and passions

My life isn’t just about music, although it’s a huge part of it. Off stage and in the studio, I’m involved in a number of social and cultural commitments. I firmly believe that art has the power to change the world, and through my actions, I aspire to contribute to a fairer, more balanced society. Whether it’s participating in educational projects for young musicians or supporting various causes, I strive to put my notoriety at the service of causes close to my heart. These commitments reflect my passions and values, allowing me to explore new ways of contributing to building a better world.




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