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Marie Electra & Live band

Welcome to my musical universe, where originality and diversity intertwine to give birth to Marie Electra & Live band. At the heart of this unique show, I’m accompanied by 7 talented musicians on stage, each bringing their own personal touch to our collective performance.

Together, we cross musical boundaries, from neo-classical to electro, with touches of jazz and melodies that have left their mark on musical history.

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From Theatre to Concert Hall

From Neo-Classical to Electro

Embark with me on an exceptional musical journey that begins with the majesty of Bach and carries you to the effervescence of the electro world;

In this show, I celebrate the diversity of music, blending violin, vocals, humor and electronic touches to push back the boundaries of what’s possible;

Each performance is a unique story, a deep emotional adventure designed to inspire and entertain;

I promise you an unforgettable evening, a rare opportunity to rewrite the rules of music together, celebrating both diversity and innovation.

French influence

Presented in both English and French, we’ll take you on a musical journey, rediscovering famous tunes that have become timeless standards;

It is with immense pride that I pay tribute to French composers whose works have been magnified by world-renowned artists such as Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand and Sidney Bechet;

It will be a real pleasure for me to share French culture with you through these unforgettable melodies that touch the soul.

Why choose Marie Electra & Live band
for your event?

Why choose Marie Electra & Live band for your event?

Unique Experience

I’m proud to offer you, with Marie Electra & Live band, an absolutely unique experience for your event. Our performance is not just a concert, it’s a true musical adventure

With the accompaniment of my 7 talented musicians and our bilingual repertoire, we create an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests. The combination of our energy on stage and our passion for music guarantees a memorable and vibrant experience.

Musical Versatility

One of Marie Electra & Live band’s major strengths lies in our musical versatility. Our ability to cover a wide musical spectrum, from classical to electro, jazz and contemporary music, allows us to adapt to the specific mood of your event. 

Whether you’re looking for an energetic performance to energize the evening or a more intimate, emotional ambience, we have the talent and repertoire to meet your needs.

International Expansion

Shows in the United States with MSC & NCL

Since 2023, my artistic journey has expanded beyond borders, taking me to the United States for enriching periods of several months each year. There, I have the immense pleasure of performing as Guest Entertainer & Headliner for the renowned cruise lines MSC and NCL. These unique experiences allow me to share my passion for music and live performance with a diverse international audience, creating unforgettable moments. Working with MSC and NCL, two giants of the cruise industry, is a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality musical shows, combining elegance and musical innovation in every performance.

Configuration and duration

Personalize Your Experience

For my LUMINOUS DRESS & VIOLIN SHOW, I offer a set of flexible length depending on the needs of the event, ranging from short 15-minute performances to longer hour-long sets. I adapt to the desired mood, covering a wide range of musical genres such as Dubstep, Neo-Classical and UP TEMPO, offering a diverse and captivating aural and visual experience.

I strive to personalize each service so that it reflects the ambiance you wish to create for your cocktail party;

Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated moment of relaxation or a more dynamic atmosphere, I’m here to tailor my performance to your desires. My aim is to create unforgettable moments, highlighting the uniqueness of each event.

Demonstration videos

Discover the breadth of my musical universe through these captivating videos, which testify to my commitment to creating unforgettable moments for your events. Each performance is a journey through emotions, where my passion for music and my expertise enhance your special evening.

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