DJ LIVE Yacht Club
Monaco 2023

Violin and DJ

DJ LIVE Yacht Club Monaco 2023: the perfect harmony between tradition and modernity. I’m proud to present my DJ LIVE service, an unprecedented musical experience where the violin blends with the DJ mix to create an atmosphere that’s both elegant and vibrant. This unique fusion offers a memorable atmosphere to your events, transforming every moment into an unforgettable experience. 

With DJ LIVE, I offer a soft and trendy first part of the evening, ideal for accompanying conversations and reunions. Then, as the night progresses, I quicken the pace to get all your guests dancing, promising an electrifying second part of the evening. Join me for a celebration where the sound of the violin improvising over the DJ’s mix becomes the heart of your evening.

Proposals according to EVENT:

*Equipment supplied excluding sound system. Sound quotes on request via my local partners around the world.

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Discover the opinions of customers who have been delighted by my services. Their testimonials underline my professionalism, the exceptional quality of my performances and the memorable impact of my shows on their events.

Office de Tourisme Menton Riviera & Merveilles
Office de Tourisme Menton Riviera & Merveilles
Prestation excellente ! Personne très pro, radieuse, qui sait emmener la foule avec ellle.
Marine Marrec
Marine Marrec
Marie était d'une douceur et d'une prestance ! Elle a rayonné par son talent de violoniste et de chanteuse lors de la soirée de lancement de marque de l'Office de Tourisme Menton Riviera Merveilles. Merci !
Marie est une musicienne talentueuse qui a un talent incroyable. Notre soirée de lancement de saison et de marque a été un véritable succès grâce notamment à sa prestation artistique.
Ingrid Tene
Ingrid Tene
Soirée inoubliable, merci encore Marie pour ton incroyable talent.nous étions scotchés face à tes performances de violoniste et de chanteuse. Nous nous sommes régalés du début à la fin. Tu es d’une gentillesse et d’une douceur immense. Très professionnel et tes tenues tout au long de la soirée étaient en parfaite harmonie avec le thème. Je suis entièrement satisfaite de ta prestation.
Catherine Albert
Catherine Albert
Merci pour cette prestation au top lors de cette journée inoubliable! Tous nos invités ont découvert le violon d’une autre façon ! C’était génial 🙂
Cirquen Riviera
Cirquen Riviera
Marie Aude est venue jouer à notre mariage , c’était merveilleux . Tous les invités ont adoré ❤️ Elle a vraiment su donné une ambiance élégante à notre cérémonie , elle a ensuite joué durant le cocktail ce qui a donné une atmosphère extraordinaire au mariage 😍❤️ Merci pour tout 🤩 Damien et Alexia
Mille merci Marie pour ta prestation lors de la soirée de gala de notre client . Les invités ont été éblouis par ton show dans la bulle . À très bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures . Jm Garcin Agence Handelse grand sud
Julia Amayyah
Julia Amayyah
Incroyable moments passés grâce à Marie Qui a orchestré notre cérémonie cocktail et puis le brunch le lendemain Un talent et une personne que je n’oublierais pas pour avoir rendu le plus beau jour de notre vie merveilleux !

The LIVE DJ Experience

A bewitching start to the evening

At the heart of DJ LIVE, I lay the foundations for an unforgettable evening right from the start. With a BPM fluctuating between 90 and 110, I create a musical background that’s both trendy and subtle, perfect for an elegant atmosphere that encourages conversation and reunion. This first part is designed to envelop your guests in a refined atmosphere, where the music complements the conversations without ever dominating them.

A Colorful Second Part

As the evening progresses, I transform the mood with a dynamic and colorful second part. The tempo picks up, inviting everyone to join the dance floor. The DJ LIVE then takes on its full dimension, drawing your guests into a whirlwind of rhythms where energy and elegance meet. This transition to a more up-tempo universe promises a vibrant end to the evening, where the pleasure of dancing and celebrating takes over, creating memorable memories for all.

Here is one of my performances at the YACHT CLUB de MONACO in 2023:

DJ selection

I collaborate with 5 recurring DJs, each bringing their own unique touch to our parties. However, I’d like to stress my flexibility: I’m happy to adapt to my customers’ choice. If you have a DJ in mind to accompany my violin, I’m quite open to integrating this new synergy into our show. My aim is to personalize each performance so that it resonates perfectly with your expectations and those of your guests.

Show configurations

I offer different configurations for the show, namely 4 sessions of 20 minutes or 3 sessions of 20 minutes, allowing the duration to be perfectly adjusted to the mood of the event. On the musical side, I navigate between Electro Deep Chill and House Commercial, offering a wide spectrum of sounds to suit all tastes. These customization options ensure that the show will be in perfect harmony with the theme and rhythm of your evening.

Flexibilité et Personnalisation

Types d'Événements Adaptés

My LIVE DJ service is ideally suited to a wide range of events, each with a unique and memorable soundtrack. I can adapt perfectly to the following contexts:

  • Corporates: For corporate events, I create an elegant, professional atmosphere conducive to networking and celebrating success.
  • Brand Reveals: For product or brand launches, my show adds a touch of originality and prestige, making an indelible impression.
  • Gala Dinners: My performances at gala dinners add a touch of refinement and exception, accompanying the highlights of the evening.
  • Cocktails: For cocktails, I offer a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for guest exchanges in a convivial setting.

Each service is tailor-made, adapted to the specifics of your event to make it an unforgettable moment.

Options and pricing :

Personalize Your Experience

The base rate for my DJ LIVE service starts at €700, excluding technical fees (FT) and travel/accommodation (VHR), offering a high-quality experience at a competitive price. For an even richer, more dynamic ambience, I offer the addition of a saxophonist and percussionist, enriching the show with a deep, vibrant musical texture.

For each event, I offer tailored dressing options, from evening gowns to more trendy outfits, to align with the elegance of your evening or to bring a modern touch. Specific details, including technical requirements (FT) and cost variations depending on the type of event, are provided on request, guaranteeing a tailor-made offer that fits your needs perfectly.

Video demos

Discover the breadth of my musical universe through these captivating videos, which testify to my commitment to creating unforgettable moments for your events. Each performance is a journey through emotions, where my passion for music and my expertise enhance your special evening.

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